Monday, 26 December 2011

TetraFin Sinking Mini Sticks

Sinking Goldfish Food

Sinking Goldfish Food - Tetrafin
Tetra is one of qualified goldfish food brand and has been pioneered the development of flake fish foods. Tetrafin Sinking Mini Sticks is sinking goldfish food product from Tetra. This is a good staple for goldfish to provides perfect supplement to your fish’s primary diet. This mini sticks is also best developing of rich color in your goldfish particularly designed for fantails, Moors, orandas, ranchus, bubble eyes, and lionheads  When you choose Tetrafin for feeding your goldfish, you have been give best food for goldfish in order to give perfect diet and your fish will like it.

Food Features

  • Multi-Colored, High-Protein sticks.
  • Promote development of rich color.
  • Designed prefer to exotic goldfish such as fantails, Moors, orandas, ranchus, bubble eyes, and lionheads
  • Product available in a 3.53 oz can.


Fantails, Moors, Orandas, Ranchus, Bubble Eyes, and Lionheads.