Saturday, 3 December 2011

TetraFin Goldfish Crisps

Super premium Goldfish Crisps - Maximum nutrition for goldfish

Goldfish Crisps - TetraFin
Tetra is one of qualified goldfish food brand and has been pioneered the development of flake fish foods. Tetrafin Super Premium Goldfish Crisps is goldfish crisps food product from Tetra. This is a great staple goldfish that provide easily digestible protein, algae meal, vitamins, and carbohydrates that bring out the best appearance in your fish. This unique food form offers unparalleled benefits in terms of reduced waste, improved tank clarity, feeding convenience, superior fish appearance, and acceptance. When you choose Tetrafin for feeding goldfish, you have been provide best food for goldfish with maximum nutrition for them and they will like it.

Food Features

  • Provide easily digestible protein, algae meal, vitamins, and carbohydrates.
  • Reduced waste and improve tank clarity.
  • Product available in .56 oz, 1.34 oz, 2.86 oz, and 7.76 oz cans.


All types of goldfish.