Tuesday, 27 September 2011

TetraFin PLUS Tropical Flakes

TetraFin PLUS Flakes - Spirulina algae flakes promote optimal digestability

Goldfish Flakes - TetraFin

Tetra is one of qualified goldfish food brand and has been pioneered the development of flake fish foods. Tetrafin PLUS Flakes is goldfish flakes product of Tetra. This is a great staple goldfish with spirulina algae flakes to promote optimal digestability, strengthen the immune system and help your goldfish thrive. When you choose Tetrafin for feeding goldfish, you have to give best food for goldfish consist of staple foods as well as supplements and enhancers to your goldfish, and they will like it.

Food Features

  • TetraFin® PLUS includes added spirulina algae for extra flavor.
  • Offers all the advantages of Tetra's "cleaner & clearer" flake formulations.
  • Dispenser lids allow hands-free feeding.
  • Available in packages .42 oz/ 85 ml, 1.0 oz/ 185 ml, 2.2 oz/ 375 ml, and 7.06 oz/ 1 L.


All types of premium grade or fancy goldfish.