Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Celestial Eye Goldfish

Celestial Eye goldfish is a type of community fish that native to Asia. Celestial eye is a type of omnivore can be fed live food and commercial foods such as flakes. Special characteristics of celestial eye are a double tail and has telescope eyes turned upwards, pupils looked up. By the time young, Celestial goldfish have normal eyes and then gradually protruding laterally and then to the top after the age of about 6 months.

Celestials first appeared as a direct mutation of the Telescope goldfish in the 18th century. Celestial eye first appeared in China in 1772 and then until the year 1903 arrived in Japan. In the first decade of 20th century celestial eye arriving in the United States.

About Celestial Eye

The Celestial goldfish is a relatively small variety of goldfish. They have a torpedo-shaped body with a curved back similar to the Bubble Eye, which lacks a dorsal fin. Their paired fins are of the Fantail or Ryukin type. The caudal may be half as long, to as long, as the body. Celestials are available in different colors including white , red, and many colors in between. The scales can be either nacreous or metallic in appearance. It is rare to find celestials with nacreous scales. Despite their limited vision and their lack of a dorsal fin, they are active and agile swimmers. They do require some special attention since, apart from sporting easily damaged upward-oriented eyes, and having limited vision, they are also sensitive to cold water temperatures. They are unable to compete with more vigorous goldfish for food. Sharp ornaments and objects in the aquarium are contraindicated. They are best kept with other limited-vision breeds (i.e the Bubble Eye) or in a tank of their own.

celestial eye goldfish

Image from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celestial_Eye