Friday, 26 March 2010

Pom-pom Goldfish

Pom pom one of fancy goldfish type also by some people known as Pompon or Hana Fusa, they are goldfish variant that have characteristic bundles of loose fleshy outgrowths between the nostrils, on each side of the head.

About Pom-pom

The body of the pom pom is short like the lionhead, but it also has an enlarged nasal septum with flaps that sway back and forth when the pom pom swims. These flaps on the pompon, much like the wen of the oranda goldfish. Keep attention for its bundles of loose fleshy because susceptible to fungus and bacterial infections. Pom pom can grow to a length about 5 inches. Pompoms may have either metallic or nacreous scalation and color combinations of black, orange, red, silver , white, and blue, also can occur with or without a dorsal fin. The elegant variant of Pom pom with a dorsal fin named hana fusa or white pompom oranda  In proper and good breeding Pom pom can live approximately 6 to 10 years.

Pom-pom Red