Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Shubunkin Goldfish

The Shubunkin are single tailed and hardy fancy goldfish native from Japan. They have nacreous scale and calico coloration.

About Shubunkin

The Shubunkin has a physical appearance that is very similar to that of the common goldfish and comet goldfish. Shubunkin has streamlined bodies with well-developed and even fins. This fish are breeding from mutations of telescope eye goldfish or Demekin. Shubunkin included in type of calico goldfish. They possesing mixture of metallic and transparent scales that are pearly in appearance or known as nacreous scales. Their overlapping patch color are red,  white, blue, grey and black, all with dark speckles extended to the finnage. Shubunkins that have blue colors are considered more valuable. Developing the nacreous scales can take several months on a young fry Shubunkin. Mature shubunkins or above 3 years of age can reach a length of 9 to 16 inches.

The Subunkin has three different types in the West, there are American shubunkins, London shubunkins, and Bristol shubunkins. American shubunkins have a slimmer body shape than the london shubunkin with deeply forked, pointed tail fins, and longer finnage all around. London shubunkins have stout bodies and short, rounded finnage that is similar to the common goldfish. While the Bristol shubunkins are slim bodied goldfish with well-developed finnage possessing a tail that is large, moderately forked, and rounded at the end making a shape similar to that of the capitalized letter "B".

Bristol Shubunkin Goldfish