Thursday, 3 June 2010

Pop Eye Treatment and Prevention

Pop Eye Treatment

Pop eye is only a symptom of an internal bacterial infection and not a disease in itself. Pop eye usually appears after the disease is far advanced and difficult to treat. If your fish is still eating, I'd recommend feeding it a medicated food for bacterial infections. Otherwise I've had some limited success by combining Naladixic Acid and Kanamycin Sulfate.

Placing the afflicted goldfish into a quarantine tank will allow it time away from its tankmates. Septicemia must be treated immediately if the goldfish is to survive, and Tuberculosis is extremely serious, and so vetrinary advice is vital. Tuberculosis is sometimes transmittable to humans, and so vetrinary advice is doubly recommended.


As an action alert, be sure aquarium always fill up clean water and good water condition, this is will very help. Pop-eye can also be caused by hormonal imbalance, for which there is no cure.