Monday, 4 May 2015

Mosquito Wiggler as Goldfish Live Food

Mosquito Wiggler - Goldfish Live Food, Best Natural Food for Goldfish

Mosquito wiggler are larval stage of mosquito can be found at pond with stagnant water. Mosquito wiggler are natural non-polluting food for goldfish. Goldfish under a week old up to adult goldfish can eat them. But for under a week old goldfish, they can only eat wiggler that have just hatched. Cause the wiggler will grow quickly a few hours after hatched.

Mosquito spread theirs eggs in form of egg rafts from the female mosquito. But now we will accidentally collect her egg rafts. How to do that? We just need a pond with stagnant water. First we need small shallow container, dark colored container is better. Fill in with aged water. Smell of water become a key for yes or not a female mosquito will lay her egg rafts into container. So we need to make smell of the stagnant water. We can put rotting vegetables or a little milk to  make a smell. When we have done one of that way, so a smell will happen, stimulated from rotting vegetables or milk causing bacterial bloom. Mosquito will attracted to lay her egg rafts usually around on side of surface water. Don't forget to keep away water container from breeze.

While female mosquito has been lay her egg rafts, seek around side of surface water to see egg rafts. The mosquito egg rafts look like tiny canoes with brown or red in color. At this time you can move egg rafts into goldfish pond or aquarium so as when mosquito egg rafts hatched, your goldfish or fry can eat the mosquito wiggler.

Put egg rafts into your fry or goldfish container and leaving the rest with some scalded lettuce. If this possible, put every day's eggs in separate container so as you can monitor when wiggler becomes egg rafts, or has been hatched (larval stage), or has been become pupa. Usually eggs will hatch about 2 days then wiggler will take 7 up to 14 days to form pupa. But always aware because mosquitoes can spread some of viruses cause disease like dengue fever or malaria so remove the wiggler that too big to eat for the fry or goldfish before 14 days, before wiggler change to be mosquitoes.