Thursday, 25 March 2010


The Pearlscale also known as Chinshurin in Japan. Pearlscale has a similar body with Fantail. Pearlscale is a spherical-bodied fancy goldfish with finnage

About Pearlscale

Pearlscale like their name have a domed scales with pearl-like appearance. Pearlscale body is thick, round and they can growth about up to 8 inches. The body is short not elongated and form egg-shaped body. And they has either long or short finnage. The good Pearlscale should be bright in appearance and alert as well as their body area displaying well developed domed scales. The Pearlscale caudal fin should be held high, this show that their caudal fin is good than drooping.

Pearlscale can become in variety colors. Their color may come like metallic or calico. If they has metallic color, Pearlscale will have burnished metal in appearance. Then if  the color is calico, they will look with a blue background and occasional patches of brown, violet, orange, yellow , and red. Pearlscale come in two variant. Pearlscale without headgrowth and with two large bubble domes. Pearlscale that has bubble domes is called the crown pearlscale or Hama nishiki.

The pearlscale should be kept in proper water temperatur that is not below 55°F (13°C) because pearlscale are very sensitive to cold water. Also be careful because pearlscale are quite prone to pH changes and should be kept out of long periods exposed to a high acidity or alkalinity.