Sunday, 28 March 2010

Ryukin Goldfish

The Ryukin are fancy goldfish that characterized by hump in the shoulder region and has short deep body. In their history, Ryukin come from Ryukyu Islands which lies between Taiwan and Japan. Some referrence claimed that existence of ryukins dates back to 1833. Early Japanese literature refers to the ryukin as the onaga (longtail) or the nagasaki goldfish. But in English Ryukin also known as Japanese ribbontail, the fringetail, the fantail or the veiltail.

About Ryukin

The ryukin is a hardy variety of goldfish with a pointed head and has a pronounced hump on the back behind the head. Ryukin fin could be long or short and with either a triple or quadruple tail. The caudal fin may also have three or four lobes. It's Interesting that Ryukin caudal fin can twice as long as the body while their dorsal fin is high.

Ryukins are available in a wide range of colors from white, red, red and white iron and calico. They can usually grow to about up to 8 inches (21 centimeters) in length and live six to ten years.

Ryukin Goldfish