Thursday, 22 April 2010

Black Spot Treatments

We have already discuss earlier black spot is a kind of goldfish diseases. Now let us look for knowledge in terms of how to care our goldfish if they infected Black Spot disease. Black spot is generally easy to cure. There are a number of Black Spot treatments and preventatives such as perform regular maintenance for water changes and ensure all equipment working properly will be the first step to proper goldfish care and eliminating chance of black spots on your goldfish.

Black spots on goldfish is a result of poor water quality being that the ammonia level in the water has surges. When the ammonia level in fish tank increases it causes black spots to appear on the goldfish body and black tips to appear on the tail, pectoral fins and dorsal fins. These black spots are a result of ammonia burn. We should think of ammonia like acid, when the ammonia is extremely high it cause ammonia burn, just like acid would do to human skin. It causes discomfort in goldfish and high levels of ammonia can kill goldfish. This is a necessity to keep and test water quality if want to keeping healthy goldfish and living a long life free of black spots.

Black Spot Prevention

Be careful when adding new fish. Black Spot, or diplopstomiasis, often follows the addition of new aquarium fish. All fish are susceptible, especially the Silver Dollar and Piranha. It is fairly easy to diagnose and treat.