Thursday, 6 May 2010

Fin Rot

Fin Rot - Goldfish Disease

Fin rot is a goldfish diseases that most common caused by either bacteri infection or secondary infection once the goldfish has been weakened by another disease. Fin Rot can be easily cured and goldfish usually can normal lives after treatments.

Fin Rot can be happened from bacterial infection or fungal infection. Bacterial infection usually causes a more ragged rotting fin. While fin rot that caused by fungal infection usually make rots the tail more evenly and is more likely to produce a white edge. These bacteri or fungal infection is commonly brought on by poor water conditions, poor diet, injury, or outwintering goldfish who should live in warmer temperatures.

Fin rot spread on the goldfish start from edge of their fins, then will destroys more and more tissue until it reaches the fin base. If fin rot have reach the base of fin, goldfish will never be able to regenerate the lost tissue and likely this disease can attack their body.

Symptoms that appear because of Fin Rot:

- Fins turn whitish and die back
- Jagged Fins
- Fin look like they were ripped off
- Fish is not eating