Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Fungus Disease

Fungus disease is a goldfish disease that very harmful. Most often fungus can cause goldfish death. Actually fungus there are in the water of pond or aquarium. Goldfish that have low immune system caused by an injury, more easy to infected with this fungus. The sign or symptom can seen very clear with small fluffy spots or dots around the affected area.

Fungus Goldfish Disease
Treatment and Prevention of Fungus Disease

In aquarium we may see only some goldfish infected by fungus, As prevention action we must  removing the goldfish affected, from the aquarium to stop other fish from contracting the fungus disease. For treatment we can place these fish in an isolation tank and buy a anti-fungal treatment from the pet store and treat them.

There any other method to help infected fish from fungus. The alternative is to place them in an isolated tank, add about 30g of salt to 1 litre of water and leave them in it for around 15 minutes. Please note, do not use table salt for this as it contains iodine which can harm the fish.

While you do not have much control over whether your fish will contract a fungus disease, you can do you part by keeping the tank clean and ensuring there are no sharp objects in the tank that could damage your goldfish's scales.