Monday, 24 May 2010


Furunculosis is common disease of goldfish. Ulcers are deep into the body wall and very large. Goldfish looks like the fish has been filleted in its latter stages. This disease seems to have got a grip in mud ponds in warmer climes.

The infectious agents are aeromonas hydrofiller, aeromonas salmonicida and some strains of pseudomonas. This disease also occurs as a secondary infection after a primary infection caused by skin flukes or other skin or gill parasites.
Furunculosis usually occurs, in the spring as temperatures rise and is mainly encounted in poor water.I find that over feeding in the spring and inefficient filtration is one cause, whilst not checking water quality is another. Also stripping filters out for a spring clean before the water is warm enough to reseed them. In other words not cleaning filters in September when water still has a high enough temperature to reseed.

The problem is this infection responds very poorly to any treatments. I find success is around 20% and once holes is down to 5% (that's just what the start of this disease looks like - holes, just like a heron attack.