Monday, 24 May 2010

Hole in Head

Hole in the Head is a disease of tropical fish included goldfish which starts with small sore on the head above the eyes. These sore grow and eventually penetrate through the outer layer of skin.


Most common hole in head caused result of poor water quality over a long period of time. The best way to prevent Hole in the Head by doing the proper maintenance schedule for pond and aquarium.  

Hole in Head Goldfish Disease

When prevention action still can do, this will easier than must cure of goldfish sick. The mainly thing for preventing hole in head is good aquarium maintenance. Below is some directions of proper maintenance schedule for pond and aquarium.   

Take Daily Maintenance
  • Check all your fish for Signs of Stress and Disease. Click here for a list of the common Signs of Stress and Disease. The earlier you spot a sick fish and begin to give that fish special care, the sooner it will recover, and the less likely that disease will spread to other fish.
  • Is the water cloudy or foamy? Does the water have an unusual odor? If so take immediate action. Click here for more about how to fix cloudy, foamy, or smelly water.
  • Check the thermometer to be sure the temperature of the water is in the correct temperature range for your fish. Click here for more about thermometers, heaters, and the correct temperature range.
  • If your fish's home has a filter, check it to be sure that it is clean and the water is flowing at the usual rate. Click here for more information about aquarium filters.
  • Feed your fish at least twice a day. Don't feed them more than they will eat. Remove all uneaten bits of food after 10 minutes. Be sure all the fish are eating. Loss of Appetite is a Sign of Stress and Disease. If any of your fish do not eat, look at them closely for other Signs of Stress and Disease. Click here for more about Signs of Stress and Disease.

Take Weekly Maintenance
  • Change 20% of the water twice a week in your fish's home. This is one of the most important ways to care for your fish, keep them strong and vigorous, and prevent them from becoming sick. Click here for more about changing water.
  • Wash your Gravel. When you change 20% of the water in your fish's home, you should wash your gravel, if your fish's home has gravel. Click here for more about gravel washing.

Take Monthly Maintenance
  • Clean your fish's home thoroughly.