Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Mouth Rot

Mouth Rot

Mouth Rot is kind of goldfish disease, it is usually attack their lips. Mouth rot caused by bacterial and if untreated this disease can leave the fish with a deformed mouth.


Mouth rot can infect goldfish suddenly. The first symptoms we will see a slight discoloration on the lips of the fish and  quickly whole mouth can infected. Sometimes mouth rot begins with an injury to the mouth. Why this injury come to goldfish? For example we had one tank outfitted with netting used to separate goldfish into groups.  Unfortunately, the goldfish continually poked around the abrasive netting with their mouths looking for food and that caused injury that got infected and became mouth rot. The area around the mouth becomes infected with bacteria and eventually the lips of the fish "rots" away.  We have had a few fish who have survived mouth rot but were unable to eat well because the disease left them scarred and deformed so that they could not scoop up the food like they normally do.
Mouth Rot Symptoms

Mouth Rot Goldfish Disease
Firstly mouth rot starts out as a slight discoloration in the area of the lips. It becomes highly inflamed and the flesh begins rotting away. In more serious condition this disease will deform the lips and cause death. The fish usually will die if the ulcer gets too far advanced.