Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Mouth Rot Treatment

Mouth Rot Treatment

- If goldfish shows any infection around their mouth, treat goldfish immediately with either, Lil' Dab-a-Do Ulcer Scrub or dip (Tricide-Neo). May if you are have veterinarian can bring a series of injections for your goldfish.
- Check your goldfish. Whether goldfish can eat? If probably begin feeding with triple antibiotic food. However mouth rot often leaves the lips of the fish deformed and can impede on the fish's ability to eat.  You may have to use smaller pellets for koi or goldfish who cannot open their mouths properly.


Always note about amounts your goldfish on the aquarium or pond. Although you always keeping the aquarium healthy but mouth rot can occur simply caused to many fish on your aquarium. Not lining the pond with rock will prevent junk from settling in between the crevices and becoming a breeding ground for anaerobic bacteria. Keeping the fish healthy is the trick to fighting mouth rot.

Another way to prevent mouth rot is to make sure their are no sharp edges or corners that can cause injury to the mouth.  Keep them away from abrasive materials such as the netting we used.