Saturday, 4 December 2010

Goldfish disease: Ulcers diseases on goldfish

Ulcers is a goldfish disease which begins off almost like a rash with red blotches or red sores on the goldfish. Then ulcer disease will fall off scales and open the skin to open up the tissue. And if left untreated will actually eat away until it forms a hole in the goldfish showing the internal organs. Ulcers disease can caused by a parasitic infestation or bacterial infection. At the early stages when ulcers begin, it will very easy to treating infected goldfish. Therefore, begin treatment when you see ulcers infected your goldfish.

Please note carefully that when your goldfish showing a red blotches or red sores, it's not always mean ulcers. Because it could be only bacterial infections. For the ulcers disease, they will damage tissue and followed with eaten away right into the flesh. Be careful, ulcers can cause goldfish die if left untreated. That's why it's very important to treat ulcers right away when you notice it.

Below are some significant point can cause ulcers disease happen:

- Poor water quality
- Overcrowded water conditions
- Aeromonas and pseudomonas bacteria in the water
- Parasitic Infestation
- Injury
- Result of spawning injury
- Goldfish with stress conditions

To prevent danger of "ulcers disease", make sure clean and healthy of aquarium / pond water always be examined. Keep water quality in check and at proper levels. Because too much bacteria in the water causing irritation on goldfish. And be sure doing water changes regularly and keeping goldfish aquariums / ponds not overcrowded. May this will help health of goldfish.