Saturday, 4 December 2010

Goldfish disease: Treating ulcers disease

It's best to treat ulcers for infected goldfish as soon as possible, after we see the symptoms that arise. Below are some methods that can be practiced to "treat ulcers" for infected goldfish:

Treatment using melafix

Melafix works very well in the treatment of ulcers on goldfish and is a all natural medication. To get this antibacterial remedy find at your local pet store. When treating a goldfish for ulcers just remember to remove the activated carbon from your filter and turn off your UV sterilizers if you have one. 

Melafix treats ulcers and open wounds on goldfish  healing them quickly and restoring damaged tissue. For treatment pour melafix 1 teaspoon for every 50 gallons of water for minor injuries, wounds and fin damage. For more serious and advanced injuries use double dosage, which are 2 teaspoons for every 50 gallons. For more details, follow the recommended dosage on the box.

Treatment inside and outside

Another alternative is to treat the goldfish in two directions. Namely treatment inside and outside. For treatment from within, we are will feeding goldfish with Debride Medicated Food. Meanwhile, do  outside treatment with Debride Medicated Ointment. External treatments can be directly performed on the goldfish body that affected from ulcers. Treatment with feeding together ointments is quite run for 2 weeks. And if we treating ulcers during initial stages of infection, the goldfish will be easier to heal properly for 2 weeks.

Treat using Kutsuri wound kit

Another way is to treat goldfish with anesthesic to let goldfish fall asleep. This treatment is done with kutsuri kit. The first step is to anesthetize goldfish with anesthesia, then after goldfish do sleep, apply sterilization, clean the wound, giving iodine to the affected area, provides for medicated powder, and the latter give water seal to the treatment area. This water sealer to keep the medicated powder from being washed off when bring goldfish back to the aquarium or pond.

All the above are very good alternative for treating ulcers of infected goldfish. May one way very match to your treatment plan and you can do to treat your goldfish are sick.