Monday, 28 February 2011

Goldfish disease: Velvet disease on goldfish

Velvet disease is one type of goldfish disease caused by parasite, and usually infected goldfish skin. This disease also known as Rust, Gold Dust and Oodinium diseases. Velvet disease is one of common disease in aquarium fish that can make fatal result if the owner doesn't realize what are hapening in his or her aquarium tank. One of the names "Oodinium disease" is refering to the name of tiny parasite that cause Velvet disease. Oodinium is a dinoflagellate, a creature classified as a protozoan or as algae because it contains of Chlorophyll. This parasite could strike freshwater and saltwater fish. There are two types of Oodinium parasite. Either Oodinium pilularis or Oodinium limneticum, they can result velvet disease if infection of goldfish.

How infection process of this parasite is unique. These parasites adheres on goldfish using flagellum to form rod pseudopodia later. Which in some time will penetrate the skin and soft tissues of the gills. The pseudopod will destroy the cells and feed on the nutrients inside. After maturing, the parasite will drops off the fish and release into the water to divides into dozens of cells. They will seek fish to adheres for them within 24 hours, otherwise they will die. Infected goldfish will produces much finer white pustules on their skin. These pustules are finer, indeed. Flaslight might needed for you to obviously looking in dark room.

Following are number of symptoms for velvet disease:

- Scratching against hard objects
- Fish is lethargic
- Fish declined of appetite
- Fish losed of weight
- Rapid or labored breathing
- Fins clamped against body
- Fine yellow or rusty colored film on skin
- Skin peeks off in acute condition

Some of symptoms above is progresses in sequence. Initially goldfish will scratching their body againt hard object in the aquarium trying dislodge the parasite. After some time infection, goldfish will lethargic in appearance, fins are held close to the body, declined of appetite and losed weight. One of key symptoms is labored breathing on goldfish resulting in rapid gilling. If you seek a noticeable symptoms, look on goldfish skin appearance of a velvety film that resembles gold or rust colored dust.