Monday, 28 February 2011

Goldfish Disease: Treatment Velvet disease

Goldfish Disease: Treatment and prevention againt Velvet disease on goldfish

This section discuss how to treat and early prevention of velvet disease. Because this disease is very contagious, it better to take steps to treat it as soon as possible before goldfish infected more advanced. Good choice treatment is take Copper sulphate as treatment for 10 days. You also can dim the aquarium lights to aids in eliminating the infestation, because Oodinium is very dependant on light. Also. increasing the water temperature to 82°F will speed the eradicate process of infestation. If goldfish labored in breathing, you can also adding aquarium salt to the water. One of thing to keep in mind is always remove activated carbon from the filter for any of treatment you doing. Otherwise it will remove the drugs from the water.

Following are number of treatments for velvet disease in outline:

- Treat with copper sulphate for ten days
- Dim lights for several days
- Raise water temperature
- Add aquarium salt
- Discontinue carbon filtration during treatment

Maintaing your quality water is significant to prevent goldfish being infected from velvet disease. When you have new fish, quarantine them for about 2 weeks to reduce likelihood of contaminating a healthy established aquarium. And as you see goldfish appearance refering to be infected or ill, immediately remove and kept them in a hospital tank to avoid the spread of the parasite.

Prevention in outline:

- Maintain high water quality
- Provide fish with a nutritionally balanced diet
- Quarantine new fish for two weeks