Thursday, 3 March 2011

Goldfish Disease: White Spot Treatment

Goldfish Disease: Treating white spot disease

Treatment of white spot disease in goldfish can be done by adding "Malachite Green" as medications in the aquarium. Malachite green can we found and buy at most pet stores. Malachite green tend to be safe for fish or other aquatic plants and is an effective treatment for white spot disease in goldfish. Here are step-by-step treatment with malachite green:

- Read instruction on the label on the bottle
- Record the first date of treatment, doing up to 10 days ahead
- Be sure to remove the carbon filter before treatment
- Replace 25% of the water before treatment
- Take medication every 24 hours

In addition, when making treatment we should pay attention to safety issue such as wearing glasses, wearing gloves, as well as keep drug in a place far from the reach of children. Also, because treatment in this way to take oxygen from the water, make sure we have the maximum aeration in the aquarium.