Friday, 4 March 2011

Goldfish Care: Caring Bubble-Eye Goldfish

Goldfish Care: Caring and Breeding Bubble-Eye Goldfish

Bubble eye goldfish are freshwater fish species or also called ciprinidae. This goldfish has a unique characteristic that is contained fluid-filled sac under their eyes. Bubble eye has body shape is spherical, egg-shaped. It has a fin on the chest, abdomen, and tail, but the goldfish does not have dorsal fin. Coloration varied scales covering red, calico, white, black, blue and chocolate. Bubble eye goldfish are hardy goldfish and fairly easy to maintain. Here are the things you need to know in maintaining and breeding bubble-eye goldfish.

Caring bubble eye goldfish

Preparing fish tank

When you want to caring the bubble eye goldfish in the aquarium, prepare fish tank with a capacity of 24 gallons of water. Ideally is 10 gallons of water for every single goldfish with a slightly alkaline pH range of approximately 7.6. Once filled with water, then put an aquarium filter and heater, and set the heater at a temperature of 45 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit . Decorate the aquarium with gravel or plants if you want. Let the aquarium that has been prepared up to 24 hours before the bubble eye goldfish entered.

Because the fluid-filled sac under their eyes easily burst and vulnerable, make sure no sharp edge of the aquarium or other sharp objects in the aquarium. Bursts eye sac, actually can grow back but will reduce the beauty of shape compared to the first grow.

Feeding bubble eye goldfish

Feeding for bubble-eye goldfish is slightly different with other goldfish. Eyesight of bubble-eye goldfish  tends bad, because of blocked by sacs under each their eyes. Therefore, bubble-eye can only see the food which is right on it. Thus, feeding this goldfish with large-size pellets are very suitable because these foods are sink slowly in a fish tank.

Another alternative in feeding the bubble-eye goldfish is to use food clip or food cone. Food clip can be used to clamp the pieces leaf such as lettuce, kale, spinach, etc. While for foods such as bloodworms and brine shrimp, food cone can be used. Last note is, do not place the bubble-eye goldfish with fish which can swim faster, because the bubble-eye will can't compete when looking for food. Recommend that you place this fish with fellow or with almost same type goldfish like the celestial-eye and telescope goldfish.

Breeding bubble eye goldfish

To breed a bubble-eye goldfish, it must first know the sex of each fish. Each male and female fish has its own characteristics to distinguish them. Males have white spots on Their gill plates and front edge of pectoral fins Called the which are breeding tubercles while females develop a deeper body and have a larger vent (just before the anal fin) Than the males.

With good care between them, goldfish will readily breed when they are about 2 years old "regardless of their size" parents will eat their own eggs and fry so best removed to a separate tank.