Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Goldfish Care: Caring Black Moor Goldfish

Goldfish Care: Caring Black Moor Goldfish

One varieties of Common Goldfish we will discuss here is Black Moor Goldfish. For details Black Moor Goldfish information can found in this article "Black Moor Goldfish". As we know Black Moor Goldfish is Veil Tail variety with characteristic their overall black coloration and produce metalic scales. This goldfish belong to a hardy goldfish so that it good idea caring this goldfish.

Caring Black Moor Goldfish

Preparing fish tank

You need capacity at least 30 gallons of water fish-tank or more to create a comfortable living places for the Black Moor Goldfish. Because the Black Moor Goldfish frequently like to dig up and spread the water sand in the water plants, make sure you place a hardy freshwater-plants in the aquarium, in order not to being damaged because of this habit. Give also fine gravel at the bottom of the tank. Adding roots and well-rounded river rocks also can be done to create a more comfortable environment for the "Black Moor Goldfish".

Feeding and breeding Black Moor Goldfish

Black Moor Goldfish is a omnivorous types, can eat all type of dried foods or live foods. To reach balanced diet and adequate nutrition for goldfish, a goldfish flake or pellet food will be the right choice. For the purpose of breeding, mature goldfish through general courtship with the other fish. Breeding process can produce up to 1,000 eggs. These eggs will then hatched in the next 5 to 6 days.