Sunday, 24 April 2011

Goldfish Care: Caring Calico Goldfish

Caring Calico Goldfish, Feeding and Breeding

Caring Calico (Shubunkin) Goldfish

You have a Calico (Shubunkin) goldfish, you may the first in keeping a goldfish, don’t worry since you can read the important things below about how to care Calico goldfish. Previously you can read this article Calico goldfish / Shubunkin goldfish. Calico goldfish is a hardy goldfish that are resistant to impact of water quality or water temperature, so as most people can keep Calico only with fish bowls (2 gallons water). However, if you really want to keep it, would be better in the aquarium is equipped with biological filtration and heater. Because Calico goldfish are social goldfish and prefer to live in community so that it takes a broader housing, and they can matched with other fish such as Chinese Blue Bitterling and the Northern Redbelly Dace. Heater is needed if the temperature in your where so cold. If not, the sudden chilled temperature changes can kill goldfish. We recommend that you keep the water temperature between 65-72 ° F (18 ° - 22 ° C) and pH 6.0 to 8.0.

London Shubunkin Goldfish

To determine the size of the aquarium is dependent on how many goldfish are going to be kept. Generally, goldfish will need a lot of oxygen and thus require a large aquarium, if we're going to caring some goldfish. Goldfish release a lot of feces, it's the importance to put a good filtration to keep the water quality before we make routine the water change weekly.

Below are some important things within prepare an aquarium:

  • First, select a tank that has the elongated shape than the tank is higher. This is for where to live goldfish has a larger surface area for them to swim, and gain more oxygen.
  • If you keep a goldfish within fish bowls, make sure to fill the water bowls right in the middle. That way, the water surface area would be more widely than we fill the the water up to the top of the bowls.
  • If you will buy a fish tank, please keep in mind that tank shape and size is important. For proportion only, think that 1 inch of your young goldfish will need 1 gallon of water. As they are growth it will need more space than young fish. With this in mind, you will be more wisely when tailoring what proper size and how many max-numbers of fish in your new tank will give good environment for any aquarium residents.

  • Also, prepare good decoration inside your fish tank will add more convenient environment for your goldfish. Give drift wood, smooth rocks, water plant (either live or plastic) is more safe way to decor your aquarium. This would be preferred by goldfish since in addition they will swim to all areas of aquariums, sometimes goldfish like to hide behind the rocks or the water plants. But make sure all ornamentation you have placed is smooth and no sharp object. Because some goldfish sensitive with sharp object (e.g. Bubble Eye goldfish and Celestial Eye Goldfish). And finally, don't forget to cover the aquarium  to avoid the possibility of fish jumping out.


“Calico goldfish” is a type of omnivore that can eat all kinds of food, whether it is food fresh, frozen or flakes. But better to give freeze-dried food instead of live food to minimize bacteria, and parasites that can infect goldfish. A variety of good foods such as brine shrimp, blood worms, Daphnia, and tubifex worms.


During breeding season, will be very obvious visible the differences for male, and female goldfish. Male goldfish will have a white prickles on the gill covers, and head, called breeding tubercles. While the female goldfish will look having more fat body seen from the top edge. But you also can identify the sex of goldfish from its physical. Which, male goldfish tend to be have smaller and slender body than the females. For good breeding, care them very well within aquarium with the provisions have mentioned above.